Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gatekeepers - Plus IMF, Plus Manuscript

Latest post on Sustainable Finance external blog deals with Gatekeepers (accountants, lawyers, etc.) deterring securities fraud by their clients. Based on a law review article, but it's actually a fun piece. Lately I have been lightening up and making the Justmean's columns a little more like good old As Good As News. If you don't believe me visit Justmeans Editorial (link in column on right) for my latest song parody - Mother Earth is Makin Her Last Stand (to the tune of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), while you are there check out all the Justmeans Earth Day specials.

While we are on Earth Day (and for those upset about the snarky posty on Bob Zoellick), IFC is now selling it's first green bond, proceeds to be held in a segregated fund awaiting investment in green projects. Posts at Justmeans include some "nice" observations on IMF. IMF now has an interim report out on bailout and financial reform (previewed as "global tax" in Justmeans). Look for coverage on the interim report sometime in next two weeks.

Manuscript at The Theater Project in Cranford, NJ is another success. Artistic Director Mark Spina consistently finds off Broadway material that is just right for adaptation to the Theater Project space and budget. Manuscript is funny, suspenseful and surprising. The cast has a minor stumble or two and the show is not Spina's absolute best, but still much fun and well worth seeing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Told You So..

New column in Sustainable Finance today, "Plugging into Mother Earth" also plugging for MIT and feeling a little better about prospects for the developing world.

NY Times is really going after the unpaid internship story, with two news items last week, neither of which had any real news to report. Sustainable Finance ran its first column on Feb 5, revisits the story today - (not posted yet, visit, then from menu select Editorial and then Sustainable Finance) mostly to note that the only new news so far is the Time's interest.

Steelers trade Santonio Holmes to Jets for a stinking FIFTH ROUND PICK. Here's what As Good As News said in a post titled "Strange Odors" in early February 2009 when Santonio was the hero of the Steeler Superbowl win over the Cards:

What to do? Trade Santonio now. He will never be more valuable. There's a
wealthy team in the Meadowlands that needs a replacement at wide receiver. See,
it's always about New Jersey after all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I forgot

When I started writing for Justmeans I included a link here, but I forgot to mention that one post a week goes to Sustainable Finance, a separate blog.

My latest post on Sustainable Finance is AAAAAAAARGH! Pirate Finance Model a little too successful.

An early favorite was posted February 5 - Unpaid Interns, the New Sweatshop - the NY Times started to get interested in this topic on Saturday, Apr. 3.