Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News From As Good As News

Apologies to regular readers for the unexplained disappearance of As Good As News. All is well here. Inspired by Roger Clemens, I embarked on both a new fiction writing project and some major alterations to my stand-up act, all the while considering whether to discontinue As Good As News completely or switch to less frequent posts.

Movie class reopened last night. I suspect that only the As Good As News review of Penelope (see the post below) will include the lesbian alternate ending. As Good As News will be back with more reviews of films not yet released, generally on Tuesdays.

As Good As News will no longer include a daily reaction to the NY Times. The self-imposed mandate to post every single day produced over seven months of material with no breaks (likely a psychological remnant of my paycheck earning days) except for a few travel days. Finding humor in the Times every single day was fun, sometimes challenging, but it deterred me from writing anything else and produced a few uninspired posts. I haven't stopped reading the paper. Once in a while I will see something so ridiculous that I can't contain myself, and As Good As News will be back, but not on a daily basis.

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