Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caution - Speeding Zombies

Societal Cost of Meth Use Gauged in Study - $23.3 Billion Dollars. That's what the RAND Corporation estimates meth use cost society in 2005. If all those tweakers would just say no, we would save nearly enough to bail out a very small bank.

Traffic Delays for Road Work, not Zombies - Hackers are playing with electronic road signs, including one that warned "Daily lane closures due to zombies" on I255 in Illinois. The zombies, presumably, are the two guys leaning on shovels with absolutely no sign of human activity, a fixture at every road work site. Did the RAND Corporation consider the positive value of meth - the occasional road worker who is scurrying frantically, if erratically, instead of leaning on his shovel?

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