Sunday, January 20, 2013

Value and Stan the Man

The link will take you to a post I wrote a few years ago for Justmeans.  The post deals with fame, value and price - the price of a baseball autographed by Stan Musial - a price that seemed very low in relation to two other balls, one signed by Joba Chamberlain, the other signed by Michael Kay and John Sterling. Stan's fame faded toward the end of his long life.  Today's obits give us a chance to recall Stan's value.

Please take a look at the older post before you read on.

I'm the one who purchased that under priced Stan Musial ball featured in my blog post.  I'm not really a collector, but I bought Stan's ball because I couldn't stand to see it on sale for less than the other two.  I'm glad I did it, especially today, and I'm lucky to have a reminder of Stan's value every time I walk into my own library.

ps Stan will also be long remembered by my family as part of the answer to the question "What three pro baseball stars come from Donora", a question repeated as we passed by Donora on every drive to my parent's home outside Pittsburgh.

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