Monday, March 3, 2008

Dial M for Blog

After Suicide, Blog Insults Are Debated - Advertising Executive Paul Tilley died after jumping from an upper floor of the Fairmont Hotel on February 22. On February 11 Agency Spy, an advertising industry blog, published a moderately snarky critique of Mr. Tilley's motivational efforts, which edged only slightly across the line from business to personal. The same blog then published numerous comments from readers offering far more scathing criticism of Tilley as a manager and human being. In a subsequent blog post, Agency Spy's anonymous author disclaimed credit for Tilley's demise, noting that movie reviewers and political columnists also dished out harsh criticism. In an e-mail interview for the Times she argued that Tilley's job as an ad exec made him a public figure under the new rules of blogdom. She also noted that traffic had grown since the suicide, with no complaints from advertisers. More traffic, of course, means more revenue for the anonymous proprietress of Agency Spy.

Smells like a business opportunity. Although As Good As News includes no advertising, services are available on a contract basis. If you are interested in arranging a blog assisted suicide for your boss, competitor, ex-spouse, etc. just send target identification and background information to the gmail address shown in the header. As Good As News offers competitive rates and guarantees 1) client anonymity, 2) vicious and persistent personal attacks on the target and 3) extremely liberal comment publication policies, including seeding with arranged comments specially designed to trigger threads of despair. Target "suicide" cannot be guaranteed. Discount available for clients including their own specious rationale for target's status as a public figure in background information.

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