Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it a left at the North Pole?

Clawing for Edge, Democrats Fight Over "Winner" - Hillary's staff argues that Barack is winning most of his votes and delegates in Southern and Western states that will surely vote Republican in the Fall, thus Hillary, with primary wins in swing states like California and Ohio, is more electable and deserves the super delegate vote. Not so fast. The premise is true, states like Mississippi and Wyoming will vote Republican in November no matter how strongly the local Democrats support Obama. The conclusion is shaky. Hillary's primary wins in states like California and Ohio show she is more popular among Democrats, but nearly all of the Democrats who are committed enough to vote in a primary will vote for the Democratic nominee in November, even if it's Barack. To assess electability, look at polls showing how well the candidates do among all registered voters when running against John McCain. Either will hold the Democratic base, which Democrat will attract independents and Republicans in the swing states?

This is not the first misstep from the Clinton campaign staff. In February a trio of senior aides embarked upon a desperate mission to lobby super delegates on their home ground, but despite spending three weeks and over $100,000, the trio failed to locate the fortress of solitude. Meanwhile, back in New York, Hillary's learning from her mistakes. She stood by Bill but it took her about fifteen minutes to erase the Spitzer endorsement from her website.

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