Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Step on the Lone Star Road

"Texas: Bible Classes Approved - The state’s Board of Education gave final approval to establishing Bible classes in public high schools, rejecting calls to draw specific teaching guidelines and warnings that such approval could lead to constitutional problems in the classroom. The Legislature passed a measure in 2007 allowing Bible courses to be offered as an elective... Mark Chancey, associate professor in religious studies at Southern Methodist University, has studied Bible classes already offered in about 25 districts. His study found most of the courses were explicitly devotional with almost exclusively Christian, usually Protestant, perspectives. It also found that most were taught by teachers who were not familiar with the issue of separation of church and state. "

David Barton (pictured - thanks to Lee Blankenship Emmert for Time), founder and CEO of WallBuilders and former Vice Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, hailed the move as a long awaited step toward declaring independence from a United States that has become decadent and establishing Texas as a fundamentalist Christian republic. Said Barton, "Finally, Texas has recognized the fallacy of separating church from state. We will be one country under God, even if that means leaving 49 humanist havens for deviants behind. It may be decades before we achieve parity with the Taliban in Afghanistan, those guys really know what theocracy is all about, but we are genuinely excited. Even the longest journey begins with one step, and now our journey has begun."

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