Friday, August 1, 2008

Hugo Secretly Aquiver for Lone Star Independence?

The Secret Curse of Expert Archers - Target panic? The big secret is target panic? Of course the targets panic - they are about to be pierced with sharp sticks moving very quickly, who wouldn't panic.

More Arrows Seen Pointing to a Recession - This is very, very dangerous. If we make the recession panic it will be a depression.

Sympathetic to Chavez, a New Church Draws Fire - NY Times offers exclusive, detailed coverage of an important story - and completely misses the point. A band of Hugo Chavez loving Roman Catholics in Venezuela has bailed on the Vatican and allied itself with the Conservative Anglican Church of North America (CACNA). CACNA is a group of Texans who quit the main Anglican communion because they couldn't stomach the thought of a gay bishop.

Yes, the anti-American blowhard Hugo Chavez is using the new Venezuelan reformed catholic church to undermine the real Roman Catholic Church in Venezuela. Yes, CACNA seems to be a strange bedfellow for this leftist new Venezuelan church. But why stop there with your mouth hanging open NY Times, connect the dots. CACNA is simply undertaking some very preliminary maneuvers in a long-term plan to sever Texas - not only from the more tolerant Episcopalians, but from the United States itself. The Chavez connection is a path to funds, even arms, that Chavez would gladly provide to any thorn in the side of the US, even a conservative thorn. Imagine Hugo's joy on the day Texas announces it is seceding from the Union. CACNA doesn't really like Hugo, but they will take his money. Maybe he can even get Texas into OPEC once independence is achieved.

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