Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signs of The Times - Twitter Extra

In today's NY Times Editorial Notebook, Verlyn Klinkenborg meditates somberly on Time and Tide at Point Reyes. I remember the tides, encountered on a family vacation in Northern California during a late afternoon visit to Point Reyes after a warm day of hiking in Muir Woods. Our question was not, "What does it all mean, the time, the tides, the grazing cows and the salt grasses." Our question was, "Dare we swim (we were very hot) in the face of that mysterious warning - 'Sneaker Waves' ?" We did, with some trepidation and an eye out for sharks and the unknown. It took years (and the invention of Google) to discover that a sneaker wave is a rogue wave, or set of waves, apparently more common in Oregon than elsewhere, that can arise from nowhere to capture unsuspecting waders and beach walkers.
-The Point Reyes warning was the scariest encountered by As Good As News until a trip up the Straightbrook Quad ski lift at Gore Mountain brought us to signs posted at the top of The Rumor and Lies - the print that is too small to read in the picture above says "you, who are about to die, do so at your own risk." We skied and lived. Apparently the Gore warning signs catch considerable attention, as there was no shortage of posted photos from which to shop.
-In addition to Mr. Klinkenborg's meditation on time and tide, today's Times runs a piece, with chart so extended it cannot legibly be reproduced here, on a different ecosystem - The Celebrity Twitter Ecosystem. The text includes a few samples of celebrity tweets - sorry, didn't mean to yawn in your face like that. The chart includes dozens of bold faced names (accompanied by teeny tiny photos) with giant red arrows indicating who subscribes to who's tweets. So what? Basically, so nothing. As Good As News had to read this for potential ghost twitter candidates, but it is fun to note that musician/tv personality Dave Navarro subscribes only to the twitters of "pornographic film stars".

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