Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preview Review Catch Up

Let The Right One In - Swedish vampire flick gets massive MSM kudos because it's a tweener love story instead of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. True, as far as it goes. Now read Dracula, the original novel. watch Mighty Joe Young. Horror works best with characters, story and suspense - the gore is always just a sideshow. Nothing really that new here, and a romance between 12 year olds is pretty creepy, even if one of them is centuries old. This is not a bad film, but it's overrated, worth a rental at best.

Moscow, Belgium - A character study of Matty, a 40 year old postal clerk choosing between A) her art teacher husband, who has moved out in a trial separation so he can have a fling with one of his 19 year old students but keeps telling Matty he is undecided about coming back, B) Johnny, a persistent truck driver who is violent when drunk, and C) throwing herself under a train. Matty is capably played by Barbara Sarafian - she's the customer at the car dealer who keeps stubbornly repeating that she just wants basic transportation but walks out with a fully loaded Vette because a good salesman knows no sometimes means yes. It's easy to understand why Matty might not want her husband back, in fact it's hard to understand why she doesn't just shoot him. Johnny and the train are running a pretty close race but we won't spoil the ending. Not enough here to justify a full price seat, once again a rental contender.

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