Friday, April 25, 2008

Doc Gurby Rides Again

Turkmenistan: April is April Again: President Doc Gurby has returned Turkmenistan to the Gregorian calendar, reversing the unique calendar devised by his predecessor Niyazov, who had named the months after himself and his family. Turkmens are no doubt relieved that Turkmenistan has taken yet another step on the road back to sanity under the steady hand of Doc Gurby.

As the official blog of Turkmenistan, As Good As News must grudgingly give kudos where kudos are due. After a year of incessant mocking from As Good As News, the Times has finally printed an item on Turkmenistan without using "reclusive" or "hermetic" and without engaging in a speculative assault on Doc Gurby based on what the Times thinks he might, or might not, do in the future. Today's item was actually a news report, not a misplaced editorial. Yes, the terms "bizarre" and "elaborate cult of personality" did make unfortunate appearances. There's just something about a Turkmenistan story that makes the Times uncontrollably frisky. In this case, however, former President Niyazov and his colorful calendar were appropriate targets and the fallout didn't contaminate Doc Gurby or the proud people of Turkmenistan.

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