Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Fuji Watch - Day Whatever -Fuji fell asleep during his trial and explained to the judge that he was exhausted. Do not be alarmed, Fuji remains in good health, and that courtroom is hot and airless. I've had trouble staying awake there myself. The nap time demo was just the introductory phase of his primary defense - "I was much too tired to notice anything amiss while Montesinos was looting the country and making my opposition disappear".

Albany Fails Again - Albany fails again - this is news? Teachers union insures student performance won't be considered in tenure decisions with mystery provision in budget bill - teachers union controls NY legislature, job security trumps learning - again, where's the news? The only news here is that the Times noticed, with both a Metro story and and an editorial. In an unrelated story, reported exclusively by As Good As News, Randi Weingarten, soon to be elected President of the American Federation of Teachers, has turned down Hillary Clinton's offered vice presidential nomination. "This is a great honor, but at this point in my career I think it's vital to serve in a position where I can really deliver for my constituents."

Albany Fails Again - With the steamroller sidelined and the ever popular David Patterson professing his own powerlessness, Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno return happily to the path of financial suicide. The fundamental premise of this year's budget is to raise the tax on cigarettes to the point where a pack costs a million dollars, then hope there's at least one multi-billionaire out there who just can't quit.

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