Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Visitor arrived a little late

The Visitor - Chuck Rose's symposium usually screens films before general release, providing fodder for reviews here at As Good As News before a film's tidal wave of publicity crests. Last night's class featured The Visitor. Although it's playing in New York, The Visitor has not yet been released in New Jersey and select areas within North Dakota. By waiting, Mr. Rose was able to schedule Writer/Director Thomas McCarthy and Producer Mary Jane Skalski as guests for the post film Q and A. Shockingly, the Times and other critics did not await the New Jersey premier to release their reviews, which were consistently favorable. As Good As News won't cover ground that's already been thoroughly trampled. In brief, The Visitor has no box office stars, no Hollywood ending, but inspired casting, a moving story and the wisdom to leave the "s" off Visitor[s] and let Richard Jenkins find his rhythm as the title character re-inhabiting his own life make this film well worth seeing.

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