Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hidden Joys of Secret Law

Justice Department Will Share Interrogation Opinions - Relax, this is not another As Good As News diatribe on severe interrogation, the posts themselves have become a form of torture. No, the news here is the President's belief that he can ignore or modify previous executive orders without telling anyone. This is the best idea since double secret probation. Maybe the next secret executive order (so secret that only the President knows about it) will require that all Federal government vehicles on interstate highways drive on the left side of the road.

Arizona Adds Digit to License Plates to Keep Up With Growth - In recognition of its increased population and the resulting uptick in snarled traffic and angry drivers, Arizona, has deleted the purple mountains and cactus from its license plates and substituted a highly stylized pictograph of an upraised middle finger emerging from a clenched fist. State officials explained that the pictograph of the middle digit, which conveys a striking sense of frustration and imminent violence, would preserve the State's Native American tradition and enhance safety by allowing Arizona drivers to vent frustration and anger with both hands on the wheel.

OK, seriously, Arizona added a seventh digit because it needs more numbers to keep up with increased vehicle registrations. North Dakota is contemplating a cost-saving switch to three digits early next year.

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