Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hint of Hope as Childhood Obesity Rate Hits Plateau - Don't hit that that plateau too hard kids, it may not hold. Is the obesity plateau a successful steppe for dietary education, or have America's obese merely put the growth rate in unhealthy eating on pause for a few years while this generation's children grow into next generation's parents? As Good As News opts for hope - now pass the chips while we look for an item with a hot photo.

Truth or Consequences - Thomas L. Friedman opines on the energy policies candidates should be talking about, if they were not cravenly pandering for votes in a democracy. As usual, he has a point, but...

Parents Grief Turns to Rage at Chinese Officials - Public officials responsible for shoddy school construction contributing to quake damage? Don't just get mad, vote change, vote for the opposition party in the next election.

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