Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Chicago 10

A documentary on the Chicago 7 (7 plus severed defendant Bobby Seals plus Bill Kunstler and another lawyer who drew prison sentences for contempt = 10). Most interesting are animated scenes created using the trial transcript, but live footage from the environs of the 1968 Democratic Convention was also used effectively. Captures 1) the dementia of Judge Julius Hoffman, 2) the media savvy, humor and ego of Abby Hoffman - in retrospect his cause seemed to be, well - pretty much Abby Hoffman, 3) the earnest David Dellinger who was willing to accept a violent confrontation in which many students would be hurt - so long as the police started it; and 4) the constantly enraged Mayor Daley - who was only too happy to oblige Dellinger. Watch for it on PBS.

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