Monday, September 8, 2008

Prime Minister Obama? Oh No Canada

Prime Minister Chances Early Election in Canada - The cagey Canucks have already shipped their constantly pooping Canada Geese to New Jersey and cornered the market on all the really valuable real estate in post-global warming North America. Will they steal Barak Obama? As Goood As News says it's no accident that the pols are suddenly talking about hockey moms instead of soccer moms.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, no relation to Valerie, sees the popularity of his conservative party fading fast. The conservative's normal strategy would be to hold an election while still in the majority. The Liberal leader is a French speaking political science professor who sounds like he's giving a lecture when he orders coffee with cream. So what's the problem? It takes a little reading between the lines, but PM Harper is worried that a no-charisma showdown with liberal Stephane Dion (rumors that he is one of the quintuplets could not be substantiated by today's publication deadline) will produce a shocking result - the majority of Canadians are prepared to vote Democratic and name Barak Obama as PM. The astute Canadians don't want any part of the US, but they're willing to make dual citizenship work for Obama in order to get some change.

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