Saturday, September 13, 2008

The "Disrespectful" Trilogy

A Sharp Attack on Obama - The NY Times harshly criticizes the McCain campaign ad Disrespectful- The phrase "pack of racially charged lies" comes to mind in the effort by As Good As News to summarizes the Time's view. Other print and broadcast outlets have taken a similar position. An official from Foxhole Productions, producer of Disrespectful, spoke on condition that his identity be withheld:
"Not accurate, not fair, barely coded racism - blah, blah, blah - read some of the ads from the Adams v. Jefferson campaign if you want to see what American politics is all about. The more the media whines the more they run our ad, for free. If they keep squawking maybe we can pick up another five points in the polls. If you think Disrespectful is a hot issue, wait until you see our two follow-up spots.

Audacious is already in the can. It's a hard look at Obama's secret past as youthful Muslim terror gang member, high school drug addict and Black Panther sympathizer. Don't you just love the way we co opted the title from his own bio?

The third spot is a lulu. Three days before the election, when Obama has no time to respond effectively, we come out with the clincher. We're still shooting, but the story line is set. We trace Obama's long history of affairs with white women, from junior high right up to today. We already have three hotties on tape claiming Obama fathered their children. You should see these babes, the ad will go viral faster than Obama Girl even without any media help. One of them was a little confused, seemed to think Obama looked exactly like Jesse Jackson, but hey, that's why they invented editing. I'm getting a little flack from the campaign staff, but I think we'll be using my working title when we go public with the spot in November, watch for Uppity."

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