Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To What Comes America?

Ted Stevens is a big fat loser (to quote a well known author). 538 has pretty much called this one, so it's more than official - it's absolutely certain. How did this happen. One measly felony conviction and the loyal citizens of Alaska turned on Ted like he was a week old salmon, thus depriving the comedy world of much needed post-election fodder.

Hope on, America. Topbunk Teddy is out, but Al Franken still has a shot. 538 has explained that the pro-Franken demographic includes more of the ballot challenged (people who can't figure out how to use the voting machine), so the hand recount will give Mr. Franken a fighting chance at becoming Senator Franken. Franken trailed by less than 3oo votes in the original count. It's poetic justice, 300 Vikings who were probably confused by the fact that the voting machine looked vaguely like a motel ice dispenser could now bring the Senate its first comedy writer. This is exactly what America needs. If you have ever seen the Senate, you know the comic material is already there, someone just has to punch it up a little.

Mr. Franken went to Harvard, which prepared him to create ringing, yet ironic, titles like "...Big Fat Loser". As Good As News is cleaning up its act before his arrival. The title of this post began life as "What's America Coming To"- straight from the Archie Bunker school of blogging. That kind of slop just won't make it when Senator Franken comes to town. We are already moving those prepositions away from the ends of our sentences (although we are not always sure where we should move them to --oops, make that-- we are not always sure to where we should move them) --and eliminating superfluous verbiage left and right and what the heck, independent too. Too's not a preposition, is it?

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