Friday, January 25, 2008

If You Can't Wait For My Death

Nice Resume. Have You Tried Botox - In her self-help book "How Not To Look Older", Charla Krupp screams her antiaging advice to female executives in capital letter commands. TAKE THE BOTOX INTERNALLY, Charla. You won't have any more wrinkles or feel any pain.

Ledger Masseuse Made 4 Calls to Olsen - As Good As News last request - if you find my cold, unresponsive body please call 911 first, before calling Mary Kate or even Ashley. Call 911 before calling Uncle Jesse, even though John Stamos is an ER Doctor now. Call 911 before calling Bob Sagat, but he can tell the "Aristocrats" joke at my funeral if he promises to play "Mike's Best Show Yet" on American Home Videos (if you can't wait for my death, use the MySpace link to view comedy clips, or just click this ).

Fraud Costs Bank $7.1 Billion - OK, but does he get to keep the toaster? A rogue trader at Societe General makes Nick Leeson and Mr. Copper look like pikers. Some experts question whether any one person, even an expert in control evasion, could do this on his own. Each trade has a "written" (including electronic writings) confirm that is reviewed by someone outside the trading room. Payments are funded from outside the trading room. Trades that will exceed position limits on each market and each trader trader require superivisory approval and the people looking at confirms and authorizing payments know this. It's possible Messr Kerviel was the only employee who deliberately flouted controls, it seems unlikely that everyone else who could have noticed performed routine duties competently.

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