Sunday, January 20, 2008

They Did What in Vegas?

Caucusing With Flair, Las Vegas Goes to the Polls - Nevada switched from primaries to caucuses this year and held the caucuses right in the casinos. Most of the voters were confused. Many were stunned to learn that caucus was neither a new version of Keno nor an acrobatic procreational activity. Even to politically astute Nevadans, the caucus seemed like a primary. They were stuck in a room full of machines with levers, they just couldn't find the curtains. One dazed Republican wanted to vote for Thompson, Huckabee and Ron Paul, he kept pulling the lever waiting for three lemons to come up.

The Democrats were confused by Vegas too. Dennis Kucinich might seem a little nerdy (see Revenge of The Nerds), but his wife Elizabeth is a thirty year old red head with a tongue stud who looks good enough to be a show girl. Kucinich got only 5 votes, and no delegates, but enthusiastic Kucinich supporters kept stuffing campaign contributions into Elizabeth's bra.

Obama 2nd, but Takes 1 More Delegate - How can this be? Barack ran a close second but won an extra delegate (not the delegate's vote, the actual delegate) when a Hillary supporter on a losing streak threw herself into the pot in no limit Texas hold-em.

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