Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Revenge of the Nerds

Kucinich Offers Bill to Impeach Cheney - As with some other Kucinich offerings, the bill has no shot even though it would make perfect sense to an impassioned minority. The news here is that the Republicans actually tried to allow an hour of debate so they could score some points. Poor Dennis was then sold out by his own Democratic leadership. Concerned that they would be distracted and embarrassed, Pelosi & Co. have returned the bill to the Judiciary Committee. The nerd's revenge? Dennis is married to an attractive, 6 foot tall, 29 year old redhead with a tongue stud. If that is not revenge enough, she will soon be replacing him in all debates and speaking engagements - says Kucinich, "they can dis me, they can dis my ideas, but no one is going to give Elizabeth any grief and it's still my name on the ballot."

M.I.T. Sues Frank Gehry, Citing Flaws in Center He Designed - MIT sues the noted architect and the construction firm that designed and built its $300 Million Stata Center citing leaks, cracks and drainage problems. Gehry, who once said the building looks like "a party of drunken robots got together to celebrate" basically blows the claim off with the view that MIT got what it wanted and paid for. Nerds say - drunken robots OK with us, but they were not supposed to piss on the amphitheater. Based on the expensive corrective actions the Tute has been forced to take the suit will be revenge indeed.

A Firsthand Experience Before Decision on Torture - Daniel Levin, then acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department, decided to experience waterboarding first hand before offering his opinion on its legality. He didn't like it and was pushed off the sinking ship of the Bush administration into the lucrative law firm White & Case - do we really need to explain the nerd's revenge here? If you tire of the endless rant from As Good As News on torture and warrant less surveillance, remember just these names - Levin and Jack Goldsmith, who withstood tremendous pressure to do their job and give advice based on the law, not what Darth wanted to hear, and John Woo and Steven Bradbury, yes men supreme who enabled the mess we are in today on both these issues.

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