Thursday, November 29, 2007


Nascar Hits A Bump In The Road - Wow, you probably catch some big air off a bump at 160 mph. Picture of stock cars in Manhattan is fun, but why have no cabs cut into the line? Let's see what the drivers would do with no police escort and some rush hour midtown traffic.

College Basketball - No. 5 Rutgers Survives Scare - The Scarlet Knights will finish the season as scheduled despite the resurrection of Don Imus on the Farm Channel.

Boozer and Brewer lead Jazz to victory - Vintner adds 10 assists as Onetoomany is ticketed on drive to hoop after finishing triple double.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-College Football - Rutgers Continues Quest for Meaning - In a lame duck match up of disappointed Big East also-rans, Rutgers hopes to secure a bid to the International Bowl, played in Toronto on Jan. 5 - If this is a search for meaning, the team was better off when they lost all their football games and left January free to read Kant.

Celts Turnaround Inspires Isaih Thomas to Keep Plugging - Zeke, after wasting a fortune year after year on disappointing "stars" you were supposed to sign Kevin Garnett, not draw inspiration from his success in Boston.

Russians Play Down Davis Cup Chances / Talk of Efforts to Fix Matches Rattles Pro Tennis- Canny Russian coach Shamil Tarpishchev puts his team's chances at only 35%, although they are the defending champs. Shamil is just trying to push the odds his way a little before he gets his money down. At least it sounds like he's planning to bet on his own team. Note to US team - eat only with the team and let the tasters sample every meal. Note to US tasters, keep your insurance premiums fully paid.

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