Friday, November 9, 2007

Special Edition

As Good As News posting times this week have been erratic, but there is at least one post for each day. Don't miss Fuji Watch Day 6, Revenge of the Nerds, Conan - Vixen or Victim, and film reviews of previews for "The Cake Eaters" and "Look". The October 28, 2007 entry on my father now includes pictures.

Mike's MySpace page includes new comedy clips posted today. If you haven't visited yet, use the MySpace link in the right hand column and play "Mike's Best Show Yet!" for an introductory shot of political and autobiographical humor. If you don't have six minutes and forty seconds to spare for some laughs, then try the shorter clip, "41 Tells 43 How to Pick an AG."

Today instead of picking on one or two headlines of the NY Times, As Good As News takes on all of them. Fox has endured endless enmity from the NY Times crowd for slanting its news coverage to pander to its conservative viewers. Is the Times on-line doing the same thing? Those who utilize an RSS feed to keep up with the NY Times online (generally a technically aware crowd) get a heavy dose of tech articles, markedly different than what you see if you simply click on the Time's home page the "old fashioned" way. Does the front page reflect the Times editorial view of what is important, or what will sell? If the former, why does it change so dramatically when the subscribers are in the technophile demographic?

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