Monday, November 5, 2007

Rubin and Sarkozy to Rescue

Fixing Citigroup Will Test Rubin - but he will get at least a B+. If you can believe Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin contributed mightily to averting global financial crises when he was Treasury Secretary so saving a single bank, even a very big bank in very bad trouble, should be child's play. He doesn't really want the job, but a lot is riding on this, including Rubin's reputation, so he will bring his full effort and energy to the table. He may miss that printing press he had at Treasury though, the one he could use to crank out $$$$ when needed to fix a problem.

Chad Releases 7 Seized Trying To Fly Children Out - The procedures and motives of the charity/adoption agency (or perhaps child abduction ring) Zoe's Arc remain suspect, but Chad released a group of seven stewardesses and journalists who were flying out with a planeload of Zoe's Arc "orphans" but were not implicated in their alleged abduction. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, reeling from his wife's recent divorce announcement, flew to Madrid to capture a hug from the Spanish stewardesses during the emotional moments following their return to safety. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pakistan is all over the front page because of Musharraf's emergency declaration and arrests of political opponents who had not actually done anything illegal. A spokesman explained the arrests were made as "preventive measures , because the people [arrested] presented a threat to future law and order". Other than replaying that wonderful quote we can add little to the predictive coverage appearing here in Selections on October 19. Note in particular the many recent campaign photos of Musharraf with his multi button Nehru jackets.

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