Friday, November 16, 2007

Golf Cart Mystery Hides in Roach Tale

Led By Robots, Roaches Abandon Instincts - If you douse a robot roach with roach sex hormone scent, some real roaches will follow the robot and hang out in a less dark area than normal. The robot roach is actually a very tiny, remote control golf cart. Roaches don't see well, the scent is enough to fool them. This story raises many important questions. Will the roaches in my old apartment building on West 112th Street, follow a perfumed mini-golf cart out of the building and into the Hudson River? How do they shrink the golf carts? Can consumers buy a shrunken golf cart for use on miniature golf courses? Will a full size golf cart follow a really big roach into a cave? Suppose you spray the really big roach with the scent of newly mown grass?

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