Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fuji Watch Day 6

Plundered Books Returned - Chile returned 3,378 books taken from Peru's National Library by pillaging Chilean soldiers in 1881. Not so fast Chile, you forgot something. The National Library fine on these overdue library books is 1 New Soles per day x 3,378books x 126 years x 365.25 days/year = 155,460,627 New Soles. Peru has never forgiven the original humiliation and may be prepared to go to war over the fine.

Fuji Takes Up Painting - Jailed former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori is painting landscapes while awaiting trial on corruption and human rights charges, and he "has not ruled out a gallery show." Right. An amateur's view of the prison yard, sure to be a hit with the discerning collector. And a good investment to boot, prices will increase ten fold if Fuji is convicted and executed after selling only one or two works. The real news here is that Fuji's trial is scheduled for next month. A speed record previously undreamt of in the delay plagued annals of Peruvian justice.

Trade Deal With Peru Likely to Pass House Vote - Speaking of corruption, will the US Administration and Congress really welcome a trading partner that essentially confiscated the fund of US corporations in some extraordinary tax cases during the desperate final years of the Fujimori regime? It doesn't make sense to hold a grudge, it does make sense to require Peru to repair the damage and end the continuing criminal persecution of local executives used as scapegoats to help justify its theft.

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