Thursday, November 8, 2007

Conan - Vixen or Victim

Priest Jailed In Stalking of TV Host - Even the Times could not resist this tabloid dream story. David Ajemian, a priest from Boston, was arrested on Friday while trying to attend a taping of "Late Night with Conan Obrien". The Preying Padre attended Harvard with Conan. On Ajemian's ordination in 2001, the Boston Globe noted that the converted Episcopalian was "turned on to religion" by Felliini's La Dolce Vita. Quite a character, did Satyricon inspire him to stalk Conan? Court papers included a history of menacing, if somewhat obtuse, letters and postcards Ajemian sent to the TV host, including references to the Virginia Tech gunman and the 1957 murder of gangster Frank Costello in the Majestic, the building where Conan now lives. The Diocese of Boston has placed Ajemian on leave. A Diocesan spokesman noted that the Conan situation was regrettable, but cited the improvement in the performance of the Diocese itself, "at least Ajemian is preying on someone his own age."

The story is bare bones so far, an arrest report, court records and some google results, but with strike deprived fans hungry for a Conan fix, it will keep on exploding, in the National Enquirer if not in the Times. Ajemian is the Manhattan bred son of a journalist who worked through a series of jobs (including telemarketing) and tried law school before finding his vocation (as a priest - not a Conan stalker.) This Enquiring mind wants to know:

Was Conan an altar boy?

How well did Ajemian and Conan know each other at Harvard? Is there any possibility that they were roommates briefly until Conan demanded reassignment? Is there any possibility that they were roomates briefly until Ajemian demanded reassignment?

Did Ajemian ever make real time Conan contact with a visit or a call? Was he wearing his clerical collar at the time?

Did Conan respond to any of the communications from the Padre? Are there deleted e-mails that haven't actually been erased from his hard drive?

Did the stalking start shortly after Conan's 2002 marriage? Did Ajemian perform the ceremony? Did he attend disguised as a flower girl?

Is any particular obsessvive trigger apparent in the communications sent by Ajemian? Did the decision by Congress not to push the resolution condemningTurkish genocide against Armenians set him off, or was it Max Weinberg's extended absences?

Does Ajemian have any other stalking victims? Is anyone surprised that Conan and Letterman, but not Craig Ferguson and not Jay Leno, have that stalk me vibe? Does Ajemin have friends in his non-stalking life? Does he know Mrs. David Letterman? Would he like to know Mrs. David Letterman?

As Good As News Readers - do not hesitate to comment with answers (humorous answers and/or answers based on actual knowledge of Ajemian preferred) or questions. Despite the separated at birth pictures, Conan is not related to any As Good As News contributor, don't worry about stepping on any toes.

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