Monday, January 14, 2008

Taxing Wesley

Giants Make the Leap to Lambeau - Kudos to the Giants and Eli Manning, who were underestimated here. Eli has just played the three best games of his career, restoring the high hopes of draft day 2004 to Giant's fans. After four years of inconsistent play and foolish turnovers, Manning suddenly understands that ball security is more important than a big play -unless your team is behind and the clock is running out. What happened and can he make it four in a row?

With Son Nearby, Davenport Seeks Grand Slam Title -Kudos to Lindsay Davenport, playing tennis with baby Jagger in tow because it's still fun. Instead of mastering breast feeding 101 at the Parrot Mill Inn (parrot mill? sounds like a call to the SPCA may be in order) in Chatham, NJ she's going after another Australian Open title. Kudos to Serena for her gracious overstatement that she (Serena) would still be in the hospital seven months after childbirth - nothing wrong with a little fib to compliment Davenport, but Serena could probably play two days after giving birth, while carrying the infant in a snuggly. Like cake eater, jagger is Western Pennsylvania slang, as if being named after an aged rocker weren't bad enough.

Kudos to ----the Knicks - surprise. Men of Zeke pound powerful Pistons in surprising upset, when no one is watching thanks to the Giants.

Team Creates Rat Heart Using Cells of Baby Rats -Kudos to the University of Minnesota team that has grown a beating rat heart in the lab, starting with neo natal rat cardiac cells. Just in time for [complete with aging rat in need of heart transplant - comments accepted]

Wesley Snipes Tax Trial to Begin in Florida -Wesley Snipes earned $38 Million while paying no taxes, and filing no returns, from 1999 - 2004. He also gave the IRS a couple of bad checks and filed a false refund claim for 1997. His accountants relied on a blatantly ridiculous interpretation of IRS regulations and Snipes is claiming he relied upon them and really believed he owed no taxes. If he is very lucky, Snipes will bamboozle a jury and avoid felony conviction, but he will still owe back taxes, penalties and interest. The government wants the criminal conviction and the message it sends to other tax evaders. Snipes is also involved with the Nuwaubians, a quasi religious sect of Black Americans who promote anti-government theories. Snipes sought a permit to set up a military training camp on land adjacent to a Nuwaubian compound. Wow, this guy was really good at acting creepy in Blade, but who knew he was a major league wacko, a veritable demolitin man? He belongs in jail on the tax charges. Let's just hope this guy can't jump, bail. If Snipes really believed he didn't need to file any returns or pay any taxes while he was making $38 Million dollars he should be pleading insanity. If you have an ounce of sympathy for Snipes, or anyone else who denies the obligation to pay any and all taxes, remember, the amounts they don't pay leave a bigger burden for the honest taxpayers to shoulder.

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