Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dr. Yes Credit and Thank you striking writers

Thank you striking writers, for leaving me stuck on PBS tonight. Cheney's Law was a replay of Jack Goldsmith's book and a long NY Times article on Cheney's push to maximize Presidential power and the assistance, resistance then assistance it received from the Office of Legal Counsel within the Justice Departement. No new news, but it was nice to see and hear good guys Comey and Goldsmith and bad guy John Yoo (who former Attorney General John Ashcroft tagged as Dr. Yes before As Good As News got there). Bad guys Addington (Picasso of the signing statement) and Bradbury received well deserved demerits, but were not interviewed.

I am far too lazy to add all the links, but search this blog for "Yoo" and "signing statements" if you want short essays (one or two are even funny, torture and the imperial presidency are always good for a laugh) on several points the PBS special touched upon.

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