Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bush Library? I Didn't Know He Could Read

Bush Cites Nuclear Risk of Leaving Iraq - Just not possible. Yes, W (actually Darth Cheney) is now grasping at straws to avoid admitting error, but in W's case he would sight a nucular risk.

Architect Chosen for Bush Presidential Library - The New York firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects has been selected to design President Bush's Presidential Library. The W Library will be located on the SMU campus (Laura's alma mater, W went to Yale but they already had a library). Tentative plans feature a Texas heritage theme, a one room "school house" centered on a windswept prairie in an isolated section of the Dallas campus. One corner of the room will host an exhibit of W's favorite reads: DC Comics classics; the back of every Dr. Pepper bottle ever made; and a special Presidential edition - Three Habits of Highly Effective People - if only W had been willing to read the full 7 habits, we might never have gone to Iraq. A second corner will feature an exhaustive collection of every document produced by the White House during the W years. Darth Cheney recently classified all this material with a special new designation - "Top Secret for Eternity" so the volume of material actually on display will be quite manageable - actually this corner will be empty except for some very old Life magazines (W likes the pictures) taken from a West Wing waiting area. A third corner will include a video display of every major speech W made while in office. Karl Rove actually "resigned" to take on this project as editor in chief. Karl is not just selecting the best of W, he's reshooting. "Darth and I told that clown exactly what to say and he still screwed up 60% of the time.", said Rove. "With a double and a sound board, not to mention the benefit of knowing what actually happened between 2001 and now, I can really straighten out that idiot's legacy." The final corner is "Laura Lets Loose" as the first lady designs exhibits promoting the children's causes she espoused in the W years and adds a special Grin and Bare it segment, showing exactly how she handled the Decider whenever she didn't like the decision.

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