Monday, August 20, 2007

Vick to Relocate?

Pet Cruelty Accusations Startle Upscale Enclave - Saddle River is a borough of 3200 people in Bergen County, New Jersey with an average home price over $1 Million, average per family income over $150,000 and celebrity residents like Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Sean Combs. A DHL driver recently noticed dogs and cats with matted fur walking among knee high piles of feces while making a delivery to a Saddle River manse. When the Bergen County ASPCA got inside they found a nightmare, twenty-three dead pets, cats breeding out of control and a basement knee deep in feces. The house is owned by a married couple, a stock broker and an entrepreneur, who had recently filed for bankruptcy. They are not talking. Hard to understand why a couple that probably started out taking in strays as an act of kindness could both stand by as the situation disintegrated. Right about now the citizens of Saddle River are seriously questioning the old saying - any publicity is good publicity.

But for Michael Vick there is opportunity in disaster. Mr. Vick, buy this house. Start rebuilding your reputation by saving the pets that are left. Dump that entourage in Virginia that's busy ratting on you to save their own skins and make new friends in New Jersey. The people in Saddle River are a close mouthed bunch who won't even give reporters the time of day, much less the names of the other residents in the neighborhood near the house. Richard Nixon once lived here, now there was a guy who knew how to blow off a reporter and stone wall law enforcement. Apparently even the wealthy in in New Jersey understand omerto, or at least respect their neighbor's privacy. So, Michael Vick, cop a plea, serve your time, cajole your way back into the NFL with repentance and good works. By the time you're ready for a second chance - well Saddle River is an easy commute to Giants Stadium.

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