Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'll Take a Combo Platter and a Diet Cola Please

Yes, They Deep- Fry Oreos, but Not in Trans Fats - The Indiana State Fair bans trans fats in the frying oil. Fortunately, the food tastes the same - only now it's health food. Give me one combo platter (one Snickers, two Oreos, and a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, all battered and fried in oil) with a diet, caffeine free Pepsi.

By the way, NY Times, what are your rules of headline capitalization that As Good As News copies so slavishly? For example, in the headline for this story, why is "Not" capitalized while "but" is lower case?

New Civics Class Asks, What Would Muhammad Do? The British government has funded the development and distribution of an Islamic curriculum that emphasizes non-violence and other civic virtues in teaching the Koran. Brilliant - Not! Muslims are already questioning the accuracy of some lessons and asking why just Islam, why not a Christian program that teaches civic virtue. The core problem is more significant. Any government generated program will always be inauthentic and the suspicious reaction may do more harm than the lessons do good. The radical anti-Western jihad has a real, if not incontestable, basis in Islam's teachings, one that is taught as the official version of Islam in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Some Islamic scholars and leaders profess a "moderate" interpretation. As Good As News would love to see and hear more from them. In fact, the only good that might come out of the Brit's effort to turn Islam into a government sponsored civics lesson is the reaction of these moderates. Maybe the moderates will lead a more public challenge to radical jihad themselves, better than leaving it to the government - or leaving Islam to the jihadists.

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