Monday, August 6, 2007

Fake Steve Unveiled

A Mystery Solved: Fake Steve is an Editor - The author of the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is Daniel Lyons, a 46 year old Forbe's Editor who lives near Boston, far from Silicon Valley. Kudos to Mr. Lyons on a funny, well executed satire. Fake Steve is known for humorous egomaniacal rants and insulting nick names like Beastmaster (Bill Gates) and Squirrel Boy (Eric Schmidt of Google). Fake Steve is inspiring and instructional. As Good As News has used cute nicknames in the past like Doc Gurby and Darth Cheney, but we will learn from Fake Steve.

Boxers Who Disappeared are Taken Back to Cuba - If they disappeared how could anyone take them back? This isn't a headline about a magic act. Two champion boxers from Cuba failed to show up for their scheduled fights in the Pan Am Games last month then turned up on Thursday drinking and carousing at a resort near Rio. The situation was confused by an announcement from a German promoter that he had signed the boxers to contracts, but the boxers were deported back to Cuba. Fidel says the boxers will be held in "guest houses" and "punished, but not harshly." The Brazilian police say the boxers actually wanted to return to Cuba, so maybe it will work out for them. As Good As News thinks they are about to discover what disappeared really means. As this story is written Fidel is telling Raoul - "even if I die I want you to make sure that these ungrateful traitors never leave Cuba again."

Chinese President Hu Jintao (aka Party Animal) can't believe his eyes. Yet another front page headline on dangerous lead content of made-in China toys. What will it take to get these Western journalists off his case. Party Animal already whacked Zheng Xiaoyu (very former head of Chinese FDA ) after that little fiasco with the antifreeze in the toothpaste grabbed some headlines, but the Western media still won't shut up. Party Animal looking to blame this one on Santa Claus, but if that doesn't work - watch out. It's not always easy to find the right scapegoat though, look for someone who has opposed Party Animal in the past and has no connections with Party Animal's friends in the toy industry. Hey Party Animal - no one said it would be easy to look like you were running a government of laws without actually doing it.

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