Friday, August 31, 2007

Endless Summer

Ex-Worker Shoots at 3 at Co-op City, Killing Old Boss, Police Say - A Trip by Bus And Subway To Surrender - This is in no way funny, but the subway to surrender (the gunman travelled by bus and subway to the courthouse then turned himsel in) aspect is remarkable. In a follow-up to yesterday's post - remember freshmen who are new to NYC, CitiLegs, not subway, CitiLegs.

Tennis Fans Find Excuses to Flee the Office for Flushing Meadows and, in a seemingly unrelated story, At IBM a Vacation Anytime, Or Maybe No Vacation at All. Pictured above is Colleen Channer, a lawyer who was not afraid to pose while watching the US Open because she was officially on vacation. The empty seats were vacated by people who had called in sick and ran just before the photo was snapped. The guy in the big blue cap at the far left in the top row (partially obscured by the railing - well entirely obscured by the railing - all right already, I admit it, he's not really there- just humor me) who is working on his laptop while talking on his phone is from IBM. Being seen at the open is no problem for Mr. Big Blue, he can take as much vacation as he wants whenever he wants under IBM's policy. In fact he is on his 273rd consecutive vacation day and he hasn't enjoyed one yet. Your humble reporter, on the other hand, has not taken a day of vacation since he retired, and yet has enjoyed every one of them.

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