Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knicks blown out as crowd calls for Ms Vladek, Ms Rx Specs and ...Moi?

Very Local News - Norah, a little free publicity on these items and we could forget all about Norm & Andy Part 6.

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U.S. Jury Finds Against Knicks In Harassment - Tax cheat and relentless corporate infighter Anucha Browne Sanders wins $11.5 Million in punitive damages from Madison Square Garden and its CEO James Dolan. Compensatory damages yet to come. The trial was a slimefest starring former Knick's exec Sanders, Knick's Coach and GM Isaih Thomas, who emerged as a crude racist and sexist, and guard Stephon Marbury - called to testify on his curbside rendezvous with a Garden intern that seemed to have little to do with the case. Dolan cluelessly committed suicide on cross examination with absolutely no suspicion of what was happening. Reports on this affair were so ghastly that As Good As News could not finish reading them, even for the worthy purpose of mocking the principals. Lessons learned: if you want to bring a sexual harassment claim, or an employment discrimination claim of any kind, retain Anne Vladek, a pioneer with a track record of success. She keeps her name out of the headlines unless it will help her client. If you want to predict the outcome of a case, read the NY Post, especially Knicks Blog's Mark Berman- the perfect reverse indicator. On September 27 he panned Vladek with some gratuitous nastiness, misread the impact of Dolan's cross, demonstrated a total inability to understand how juries work - it's not quite the same as the Nielsen ratings Mr. Berman - and predicted a quick victory for Thomas.

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