Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sudan, now and again

Comedy today - Caroline's on Broadway - 4:30 PM.

Sudan Declares Cease-Fire at Darfur Peace Talks - OK, but wouldn't it work a little better if more than one side declared a cease fire? And why do we need a cease fire at the peace talks anyway, did a firefight break out over the conference table when one of the negotiators forgot to say "Gesundheit"?

Sudan will get at least one mention in today's 4:30 show at Caroline's.

Moving Ahead on Mortgages - Fix unaffordable floating rates at 7% to avoid a foreclosure crisis? A decent idea, the one area where government action may actually be warranted in the subprime mess. Not news to As Good As News -See post of October 26.

Board Rejects Sponsorships for Golden Gate - Questionable, since the proposed sponsorships were extraordinarily unobtrusive, but understandable. What happened to the As Good As News plan to collect royalties from commercial interests already capitalizing on the bridge - Rice-a-Roni, Cisco, etc.? Even if you don't like commerce, San Franciscans, why not try to collect revenue for something that is already happening anyway?

What Did You Call It - Vajayjay? You must be kidding Oprahrah. Feminist authors who penpen clitlit will come down hard on you for this baby talk.

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