Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paul & Sammy - Part 2

Thank you for the reference and link, Boylston Chess Club Weblog. Readers, if you are here for more on the seamy side of chess politics, As Good As News says welcome, we need your help. My last chess experience was many years ago when I lost to a fraternity brother who was playing four games simultaneously, while blindfolded. My many visits to the Boston Chess Club during my college years were all for bridge tournaments. One point we did not note in our original post, Caroline, Sammy, Paul and Ubaldo - We're Watching, Paul Truong's original reaction includes an odd note -“The charges are absolutely outrageous, and it is based on information that was obtained 100 percent illegally from the U.S.C.F.” Perhaps, Paul, but if the information did not implicate you, why is your first reaction anger at the IT consultants who betrayed you by giving data to Sammy's team instead of anger at the unknown impostor that you claim used your IP address to frame you for the fake posts? Other sites have noted that it would be technically difficult to use a fake IP Address for thousands of different posts. Comments from readers with more information, especially first hand background information on Paul and Sammy, are welcome.

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