Tuesday, October 9, 2007

NY Back Pages

No fun on A-1 today, but look to The Arts.

Gallery Vandals Destroy Photos - In Lund Sweden four ax wielding vandals entered an art gallery during business hours, pushed the patrons and employees aside and smashed a photography exhibition, Andres Serrano's The History of Sex. The gang actually brought its own videographer and posted the incident on YouTube, adding the question "This is Art?" between stills of the smashed photos as an introduction.

As Good As News did not realize Sweden even had a moral majority, much less one that was taking social conservatism to a new level of performance art. Instead of just mugging for the cameras as they pander to intolerance (the performance technique long favored by America's social conservatives) these guys are actually mugging the cameras. Prudish thugs doing some well promoted vigilante censorship in licentious Sweden, a xenophobic nationalist political party campaigning successfully on a pledge to save Heidi from Turks and other dark skinned miscreants in tolerant and happy Switzerland, Bulgaria declining to legalize prostitution and most shocking, France moving away from long vacations. Europe's feeble defenses seem to be falling to the cultural hegemony of Texas. Are these places getting inundated with "Dallas" reruns?

A Program Full of Rage, Some of It In the Script - Youssef Sjoerd Idilibi (hereinafter Joe) had had enough. Joe was giving a strong performance as one very angry Arab, ordered to kill his own wife and daughter to preserve family honor in Is.Man at St. Ann's warehouse in Brooklyn when he walked off the stage in the middle of the performance, apparently done in by two straight nights of sound system technical problems. Joe later said he had a stomach ache. Joe has already called in sick for the next performance. Joe, the writer, director and the entire cast were counting on you to be a pro, even in difficult circumstances, not throw a tantrum and concoct a serious case of public relations flu. Better hope the producers aren't Theater Fundamentalists, Joe, they might issue a fatwa ordering your death - you have dishonored Theater's most sacred commandment - the show shalt go on.

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