Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adeaqla Ltd CEO Nedalnib Announces Nuke Start-Up

-No word yet on continuing effort by As Good As News to become the official blog of Turkmenistan.

-EX-WHITE HOUSE AIDE SAYS BUSH WASN'T INVOLVED IN ATTORNEY FIRINGS - Of course not, W probably on vacation that week. We call it the Cheney-Rove-W regime for a reason. Darth and Karl only too happy to get something done without having to waste time answering foolish questions from the Decider. Former political director Sara Taylor, above, was able to say three things about US Attorney dismissals - Bush not involved, I didn't do it and no wrongdoing by anyone - but specifics withheld on grounds of executive privilege. This irritated the Democrats on Senate Judiciary Committee, but Arlen Specter says not to worry about contempt charges because Sara was doing her best. A long time Rove aid, Ms Taylor seems to have kindly Uncle Arlen wrapped around her finger, but she wasn't quite so nice when dumping "lazy" prosecutors because they followed the rules instead of the Rove political agenda.

-FOR PARKING SPOT THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT $56,250 A TIRE - The $225,000 parking space on West 17th Street looks like an easy comedic target, but As Good As News knows better. To value the space realistically you need to live with a car in Manhattan and try the alternatives. Move your car every morning at 7AM to stay on the right side of alternate side parking rules, if you can find a space on the good side. Park near the river for less, take two subways and a hike if you ever want to actually use your own car. Forget owning and rent, but wait until you see the line on a holiday weekend. So $225,000 is already looking better, but now consider the kicker. Do not overlook the potential for development as an indoor swimming pool. STUDY PREDICTS FLOODS IN THE CITY IF THE CLIMATE GETS WARMER.

Adeaqla Limited announces plans to construct nuclear facility in Lehigh Valley. Permits granted and procurement already underway as CEO Nedalnib predicts explosive growth for start up operation. Kudos if you noticed Adeaqla is Al Qaeda backwards, run by reverse Bin Laden. Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs you, or someone like you, to think before handing out permits to buy nuclear material. General Accounting Office deserves credit for running a sting that results in today's headline: A NUCLEAR RUSE UNCOVERS HOLE IN US SECURITY. GAO is controlled by Congress, great to see the two party system at work again, and a GAO sting operation used against our own government - wow- could lead to retaliation and a string of exciting headlines. As Good As News can't wait.

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