Monday, July 16, 2007

Big News in Small Print

Still no word from Ashgabat on recognition for As Good As News as the official blog of Turkmenistan. No news not good news, or even good enough. As Good As News hereby provisionally declares itself the official blog of Turkmenistan, subject to revocation on notice from Turkmenistan's beloved President, Dr. Gurby.

The biggest news in the NY Times today is in very small print, just below the weather in the upper right hand corner. The price went up by 25%, from $1 to $1.25. For this kind of money I expect better news. Not just better coverage, that would be unlikely but not impossible. As Good As News actually expects better news for its exta $.25, a thick paper filled with progress and happy endings every single day. Close reading of today's Times does not suggest any movement in this direction, but it's only day 1 of the new price structure. Maybe a stiff letter to the editor will get things moving.

While the Times is busy charging something extra for nothing more the Washington Post is moving in the right direction. Today it introduced a "hyperlocal" website covering Loudoun County, Virginia. This site will carry important news, like a mail box getting knocked over. I just finished posting a hyperlocal item - the kind of story everyone wants, local flavor with a happy ending. Neighbors walked dog, dog pooped, all arrived home safely.

THE HAND THAT CONTROLS THE SOCK PUPPET COULD GET SLAPPED - "Sock-Puppeting" or better yet, sock puppetry - fantastic term, sounds like an obscure sexual practice that is still a felony in the deep South. The real definition is almost as good, self-promoting internet postings using a false identity to conceal the poster's self interest from the reader. Sock puppetry proved irresistible to Lord Black, Hollinger CEO now convicted fraudster, and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. Both undoubtedly got sick of lawyers telling them to limit public comments and, in classic CEO think, decided on their own that they could say anythng they wanted so long as they lied about their identity. As Good As News would be outraged but for fact that selected As Good As News posts have been ghostwritten by US Ambassador from Turkmenistan, private equity tax lobbyist and counsel to Scooter Libby.

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