Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Death Cat

Providence, R.I. Oscar the Cat has a knack for knowing when someone in a Rhode Island nursing home is about to pass from their earthly home. The cat will curl up and sit with people within four ours of their passing. So far the cat has successfully predicted the death of over 20 residents. Doctors and nurses call Oscar's visits with those about to pass both poignant and touching. Not all residents would agree. Agnes DiRosa, 97, of Westerly, R.I. spends most of her days screaming "Keep that God Damned Cat Away From Me!"


Since my nephew's posts regarding furniture humping, I've noticed our bar stools have been giving me the 'come hither' look. Will have to monitor this situation more closely.


Imigrante said...

Rock 'n' roll will never die!

Michael J. Hassett said...

More Death Cat please. Any further predictions? Can we lend Death Cat to Turkmenistan?