Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Make a Microwave Burrito

Step 1) Pick your poison, you can choose between beef, bean & cheese, and chicken. I chose chicken.

2) Check the cooking instructions on the back. Use the unwritten microwave burrito rule of doubling the time the package says to cook the burrito. As you can see from the labeling not only are microwave burritos tasty and easy to make, they are also loaded with vitamins! You only need to eat 50 to get your daily need of Vitamin A. Wollaston's bumped up their prices by 5 cents! I'm starting a campus wide boycott as we speak.

3)Stick the burrito in the microwave and wait patently.

4)Enjoy burning the roof of your mouth on brown goo!


Danielle said...

I prefer the beef. The chicken is too mysterious for my liking. Also, the burrito is better with a packet of HOT sauce from TB (Taco Bell).

Michael J. Hassett said...

The photo of the author "waiting patiently" is a nice touch.