Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's In the Bag

First, please note additions in the As Good As News sidebar. mhass30, aka Matt Hassett, appears as a contributor, now adding content as well as technical advice, and N.E.R.D. grabs a coveted link in Exit Strategy. Note well, N.E.R.D. is an Exit Strategy, not a source of new Material. As Good As News understands that politics is funny, technology is fun. Also, belated recognition to Exit Strategy link Oh My Astigmatism. A rainy day in New York is a good chance to read about a rainy day in Dublin.
-JUST THE THING TO CARRY YOUR CONSCIENCE IN - Like As Good As News, Whole Foods understands environmental do gooders are not saints, and a little recognition never hurts. Anyone can carry a canvas bag, but now everyone will know you are actually saving the environment, not just old fashioned or afraid that puny little handle will rip again on the plastic bag with the soda and the canned goods. Whole Foods also understands that managed scarcity and media hype are critical to any fad. Scarcity is a function of demand and supply. Demand side well covered by appeal to the large environmentalist market. Supply side - that's simple. NY bag sale will cover a "limited edition" of 20,000. 20,000 may not sound that limited, in fact streets of NY will soon be overrun with bag ladies, but perception is all when you are creating a fad. Limited bag release already created a riot in Taiwan. Finally, when it comes to media hype Whole Foods knows how to think outside the box. CEO and Sock Puppetry master John Mackey has been outed as chat room habitue harobed (Deborah backwards), but he's now hunting, pecking and posting avidly in praise of the bag as Doofeloh. Sorry John, you can not fool As Good As News just by leaving off the first and last letter - it's time to move beyond the whole backward alias thing.-----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Cincinnati Bengals Announce Master-Pit Bull Tag Team Tourney - The troubled Bengals, worn down by dozens of run-ins with the Man over the last few years, seek to outdo the Atlanta Falcons and recapture the fan's hearts with a new concept in half-time entertainment. This year's preseason opener will include a single elimination, tag team wrestling tournament. Eight teams will compete, each team consisting of a Bengal star and his favorite pit bull. The tournament rules combine the best elements of tag team wrestling and pit bull fighting, one team member in the ring at a time, hand to paw tag required for change of partners, each match is a no holds barred fight to the death. As soon as one partner dies the team loses. Winners move on to the next round and the final is scheduled for half time of the regular season opener. In an exclusive interview, Bengal's President Mike Brown told As Good As News he hopes the authenticity of the new half time event will recapture the fan's trust, or at least open up some roster spots for players who won't keep getting arrested and suspended.

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