Friday, July 6, 2007

Soprano offspring seeks second career

Minnesota Twins reliever and blogger Pat Nesheck just missed the all star team despite get out the vote campaign on his popular blog. As Good As News will expect more from you if I ever run for anything.

Adult college for a day may be a hit, but you can avoid the fees, for a price. Seeing the beautiful campuses, palatial dorms, great gyms -I too felt the urge to revisit college when doing the preadmission tours with my twins. After my daughter started Skidmore I got my wish. The regular parent's weekend program includes an entertaining slate of classes with professors who come prepared to teach and entertain, seem to enjoy the change of pace. Hint - take the math classes if you want to avoid the crowds. Skidmore program is all fun and no fees - all you have to do is pay the regular tuition for your offspring.

Cheney-Rove-W led EPA takes a narrow approach to jurisdiction over wetlands - this is no surprise. Actually a significant step in the right direction. This crew originally took no responsibility at all for wetlands, the ones located in New Orleans following Katrina.

State beauty pageant winner receives blackmail threats designed to compel resignation from Miss America contest. Guess which state. Only in New Jersey. Did not realize Meadow was trying to gain entree into this field. Fact that the current Miss New Jersey is a Polumbo could make life exciting for the tabloids - Polumbo and Soprano, beauty queens from five families go to the mattresses?

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