Monday, December 10, 2007

Awful Anouncing

While Papa Bear was out of market and got to watch those impressive 2-25 Jets, I listened to the Steelers game. Steelers didn't look terrible (especially Parker and the O-Line) despite the blow out.

Three points on yesterdays game the announcers missed:

1)After getting burned on a couple of bombs, you'd think they would mention the Steelers all-pro safety was injured.

2)Hines Ward, after an amazing game last Monday, didn't have a meaningful catch. No mention of the NE secondary.

3)They mentioned 30 times how the Patriots were finally well rested because they weren't playing a night game (I'm suspicious of it being a factor in the first place), but no mention that the Steelers had also played two night games in a row.


Michael J. Hassett said...

Thanks again. I may need to get an NFL package.

C&CR said...

I couldn't agree more with your review of the announcers. Phil Simms is so anti-Steelers (we had the misfortune of actually seeing the game.) Too bad the Steelers decided not to actually play in the second half. We had so much hope . . .