Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blog Mahmoud

From Iran's Fiery Leader, A Slightly Tamer Blog -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad writes today for As Good As News:

- Putin Backs A Young Loyalist As His Choice To Follow Him - So, the Impaler has picked his puppet - Dmitri A. Medvedev, the Deputy Prime Minister who cleaned up Gasprom, a little bit. Vlad thinks he will be pulling the strings because Dmitri has no KGB background and no following of his own. Dmitri baby, welcome to the club. I come off looking like a kook because I have to spout the party line for Supreme Leader Khamenei. You're lucky you're not in a theocracy.

GOP Not Touching Voters - Americans, always with the touching, the whole country has been a moral wasteland since they started MTV. Headline is greatly surprising since I thought Republican Larry Craig was touching too many voters. In Iran we never touch voters, of course we have no voters. In theocracy, Allah is the only voter. We never touch anyone, unless you count the lashes.

Harvard to Aid Students in High Middle Class - Ivy League College is false idol of the infidel yankee dogs. Harvard sets tuition at 10% of income for all but the well to do.. Yuppie victims of moral decay won't consider tithing for church, but tuition tithe is bargain better than two for one sale on fine Iranian carpets.

Qaddafi Arrives, Tent and All, in Paris -I've got to hire this guy's PR firm. His government plans the bombing of two civilian aircraft, murdering hundreds, and he's hailed as a good citizen when, years later, he offers to pay damages. He takes a couple of baby steps towards building a "peaceful nuclear reactor" then gets massive kudos for stopping. He orchestrates the legalized kidnapping of Bulgarian nurses by the Libyan "judicial system" then takes humanitarian credit for negotiating the ransom. Instead of arresting this guy, the French are letting him pitch his tent next to the Champs Elysee. Unbelievable, I personally held an embassy hostage and started a serious nuclear program but all people remember about me is that "no gays in Iran" comment. It's time to call in Norah Lawlor.

Thank you Mahmoud. As Good As News will cover the mysterious CIA legal opinion on destruction of torture tapes when our regular staff returns. In the meantime, Parisians, let's make Qaddafi's stay as uncomfortable as possible.


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