Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ruggles St. Drug Bust?

Right now there are 7 state troopers and two dogs inspecting a car right outside my apartment. It doesn't look like they found anything. Here are some pictures:

I'll post more information when I get it


Michael J. Hassett said...

More information "when you get it"???? - This is As Good As News (emphasis on As Good As), not We'll Wait For The Actual Facts. Our legions of reader expect a humorous account featuring at least two dead bodies and drugs with a street value of not less than $8 Million to emerge from that trunk. Do not let a small thing like the complete absence of information stand in the way.

c&cr said...

Interesting that your parent expresses no concern over the potential crime happening so close to your physical being.

Your beloved Aunt is deeply concerned. However, I do not recommend relocating, as I witnessed similar events many times during my life in the metropolis. Try to stay out of the line of fire.

Michael J. Hassett said...

I was worried about his teeth and look where that got me.

At this moment MHass30 is sleeping safely in New Jersey. That should help to make sure that no actual facts get in the way of continuing live reports from Ruggles.