Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mitchell Report Redeems Bonds

The Mitchell report unwittingly takes some of the tarnish off Barry Bond's record by establishing the pitchers he hit against were just as juiced as Barry.

Roger Clemens has his attorney deny vehemently that Roger used steroids. Roger is an unpleasant bully. How this guy managed to stay a hero as Bonds became anathema everywhere outside of San Francisco remains a mystery. However, Roger is not an idiot when it comes to preserving his own skin (or making an extra buck - consider how many extra $$$ this character walked off with as the result of his "retirement" from the Yankees, including both retirement gifts and the ability to become a free agent every year thereafter). Roger sees Bonds on trial for perjury, it will be interesting to see if Roger speaks for himself in any further denials and if he is willing to make any statement under oath.

The Mitchell report includes some names based on scanty evidence, but Clemens name appears based on the sworn testimony of Brian McNamee, a Yankee trainer. McNamee received immunity from prosecution, but for truthful testimony only. He has no known reason to lie about Clemens, unless he was just confused. Maybe that was somebody else's buttocks Brian was injecting?

There is nothing to stop Clemens and his lawyer from bringing a defamation claim. How about it Roger, would you care to start a lawsuit? This will certainly give you the opportunity to make a sworn statement when you are deposed.

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