Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MIT Prof. Lewin to save Texans?

At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star - MIT Professor Walter H.G. Lewin is a monster hit on the MIT open course web site. Learners of all ages from all places click on his carefully prepared physics lectures including dramatic, sometimes wacky demos. Lewin sounds like the Science Guy, with a college level explanation accompanying the demo. This guy is so good he's improving relations with Iraq. Where was Prof. Lewin when I took 8.01 from a guy in plaid pants who put me to sleep at 9AM every morning? The open course site includes 1800 classes, but based on a cursory review none seems to be a cross disciplinary introduction to evolution - maybe Prof. Lewin would be willing to take the project on as a service to the students of Texas who will be learning creationist "science" in class. Hint to Texas, it is certainly possible that a divine being set evolution in motion or intervened in evolutionary processes, but it's not science if your conclusions are dictated by the Bible before your inquiry starts.

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